Professional Meth Decontamination Services

When in doubt, have your house tested for methamphetamine contamination and we at the Decontamination Hawkes Bay, can do the job. We are a company in Hawkes Bay, NZ that has received a qualification in meth awareness, meth testing and decontamination. 

Our team has an intensive knowledge on the safe handling of hazardous substances. Also, our company uses the right and safe equipment when doing the jobs. We are also a Site Safe member to assure you of our professionalism and efficiency.

How the Decontamination Process Goes

If your property has methamphetamine contamination.

there are a few options you can choose to decontaminate.

* Triple wash

* Chemical wash decontamination

* Foaming/fogging Method

* Internal/ external strip out

When we finish the decontamination process, we will then get your property checked again to assure that it is free from meth deposits. Then a report will be written up for clearance.

Who Should Consider Meth Decontamination?

Everybody who rents or owns a home or property should consider meth decontamination. When you’re looking to purchase a house or about to move to another place, have your new place checked first. Our services are also available to virtually all types of buildings including, hotels, motels the list goes on.